About Me


Welcome to my blog, I’m Kay! I’m what I like to call a reformed housewife and a mother. I seem to find myself chasing kiddo’s, doing chores, cuddling cats, playing video games, reading, writing, and spending time with my awesome husband in my spare time.

Nearly seven years ago now, I married the love of my life. I didn’t have a doubt in my mind about marrying him. However, my housewife-ness needed a complete and total redo. I was lazy! I sought my own pursuits, and routinely avoided chores. Over a time, I did have a revelation that I was letting my household down. It took strength that only God could give to soften my heart and turn it all around. I became a hard working housewife. I do chores in the mornings, enjoy my afternoons, and Lord willing have dinner on the table by the time my husband walks in the door.

I soon became shocked to find that I was not the only lazy housewife out there. There were surely other women that did what they wanted and neglected their household. This resulted in stressed out husbands carrying the load of chores. I was even more heartbroken to meet wives that did not know how to cook and provide a healthy meal for their family.

I wondered, “Is this a norm? What is happening here? Since when have men and women not learned how to cook? What happened to the art of homemaking?” Yes, I consider homemaking an art because it is truly what you make of it! Your inspirations can lead you to create the most elegant dishes in the kitchen or creating ways how to make family living more frugal.

I hope to be able to provide encouragement, recipes, frugal living tips, and take you through a journey through my personal thoughts and rants!

So whether you are a mom or a dad out there, I hope this blog is a useful resource to you and your family!



[Background Picture Credit: Gleen McCallum on unsplash.com]