What To Do When Mom Gets Sick?

I hear you out, mama, you get those clogged sinuses and a headache or you feel your joints ache as illness creeps up on your body. Sometimes you know it’s coming, but you don’t have the time to rest or take it easy, especially if you have young children running about. Often times, a sick mother is left home with the kids while her husband goes to work. There are those days when your husband doesn’t have paid time off or can’t take off another day. Your kids may be sick while you are. Maybe you are a mother that works and takes care of the kid, feeling like you can’t even sit to rest at all. Here is how mom can get through the sick days:

Accept Offers of Help

If your husband offers to watch the kids and let you rest then do it! What do you have to lose? The house may not be as perfect as you normally keep it, but you need rest to recover from illness. Likewise, if you have family members you trust with your children, ask for help or accept their offers to watch the kids for a little while when you are ill. It doesn’t hurt to ask for someone to watch the kids for an hour so you can nap or cook a meal.

Put Some Chores on Hold

You may have an established routine for chores or kind of do them as you go. Maybe you do them after the kids are in bed for a hassle free clean. If you have chores that can wait, let them wait. A few extra dishes in the sink probably won’t hurt. If vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping the floors can wait then let it wait. Focus on what absolutely must be done by taking care of diaper changes, hungry bellies that need to be fed, and your rest when you can.

Keep Meals and Snacks Simple

Now is not the time to be cooking a meal that you have never prepared before, a meal that takes a long time to make, or will take your concentration to follow a recipe. Make something simple that you know by heart. Do something simple like hard boiled eggs, yogurt with honey or berries, cheese and fruit, or chicken in the cast iron with some steamed veggies on the side. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to stand up and focus on a new recipe while watching the kids. If you must order out food, order out something on the healthier side like Chipotle or Panera Bread. Avoid highly processed foods like pizza, fried chicken, fries, and burgers.

Pick Your Spot

Pick a general area in your home to sit with the kids. You will need to get up to use the bathroom or prepare a meal in the kitchen, but if you set a general area for you to stay without having to move much, it helps. You can rest on the couch while you watch the kids play. Keep diapers and wipes within your reach to avoid a trip to another room. Keep toys, sippy cups, burp cloths, changes of clothes, and snacks that don’t require refrigeration within your reach. Have blankets and pillows for you, or even a large blanket to spread across the floor so the kids can nap there. Keep most things nearby so you don’t have to rush from one end of the house to the other if you can help it.

Keep Kids Entertained

Do your best to keep your kids where you can see them enjoying an activity. Bring out their favorite toys or turn on Netflix and put on a few cartoons. Don’t binge on television all day, but it is good for about an hour or so. Put on some music if your kids enjoy the background noise or dancing. This will help mom relax a bit. Play peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, and other simple games where you don’t have to get up and chase them around.

Take Care of Yourself

You may not always be able to put yourself first before your kids, but you can make the best choices you are able. Use natural remedies to treat your symptoms. If appropriate, use a natural vitamin C powder to mix in a smoothie or in food (it is bitter) to help your body fight off illness. Prepare a healthy green juice and drink it on an empty stomach. Look into using oregano oil (it is not recommended for pregnant, breastfeeding women, or small children – speak to your doctor), which you usually put a couple drops in water 2-3 times a day. Oregano oil is bitter, but it is extremely powerful at battling illness. Don’t binge on empty nutrients like breads and crackers. Avoid sweets like cake, ice cream, cookies, fruit juice, soda’s, and sports drinks like the plague. Sitting on the porch or patio for 10-15 minutes in the sun and breathing fresh air may help. If you are unable to sit outside, open a window to allow fresh air in if you can. Also, make sure to take care of yourself to prevent illness as much as you can.

Don’t Feel Guilty

If you put yourself down for being sick, your day will be more difficult than it needs to be. It’s a fact of life, you will get sick from time to time. You may feel guilty that your children are sitting in front of a television screen or begging you to go outside. Don’t feel that you are a bad parent because of it. Take rest knowing you are doing the best you possibly can.

Sleep Whenever Possible

If your kids decide to nap, always take the opportunity to nap with them. It will help you to keep up with your kids. There’s nothing more frustrating than them waking up from a refreshing nap when you’re fighting to keep your eyes open. You may be tired either way or need to stay up for a reason, but if you can avoid it then do. When your kids go to bed for the night, you go to bed, too. That way you are getting as much sleep as possible.

Pray For Healing

It never hurts to pray to get well and back on your feet so you can chase your silly little ones all over the house once again. There’s nothing wrong with asking for others to pray for you as well.

Avoid Driving

If you can, avoid driving on your sick day. Let’s say the kids absolutely need to be somewhere, ask a trusted family member to take them. What if you need to be somewhere? Cancel if you can, have someone watch the kids, or seek out someone else to drive you to where you need to be.

Don’t Criticize Those Who Help

You have your specific way of taking care of your family and home. Sometimes it is hard to see others take care of it besides you. Yes, they may put the clean dishes in the wrong spot, leave non-perishable ingredients left sitting on the counter, forget to use the vacuum hose to get those pesky edges next to the wall, or clean under the toilet seat. Focus on resting and getting well while your family cares for you.


What are some of the things that help when you are sick at home with the kids?


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