The Acne Solution You’ve Never Heard Of

 When It All Starts…

I remember when I first started to get zits on my face. At first it was a few and after a time I was being called “pepperoni face”. It hurt when there were jerks that joked about getting me acne wash for my birthday. How could they treat me like I wasn’t trying to take care of my skin? As if it couldn’t get worse, I started to get acne on my chest and back. While I went day by day mostly “dealing with it” and trying to forget the way my face looked, people often times sent reminders. Acne was considered one of those “normal” puberty changes. After all, if acne was “normal” then why did I have bumps galore upon my face while I had friends with a perfectly flawless face? What was I doing wrong?

“This Acne Wash Will Help!”

I can’t tell you how many acne washes my mother purchased. She purchased facial soap bars to the expensive top of the line acne treatments that are commonly advertised on television. Hundreds of dollars were spent trying to help my acne go away. Unfortunately for some, this hundreds of dollars quickly turns into thousands. I read each acne product and followed directions as if it were life or death. I put my hope in these products to return my face the way it used to be. Before we knew it, the options of laser treatments and such were being put out there. After a point, I would have done an awful lot to have my face back.

What Could I Be Doing Wrong?

There were so many articles out there mentioning things you are doing wrong. I can recall that one of them was washing your face too much, which I wasn’t doing. Not moisturizing your face could be a culprit, but I already tried doing that. Popping your zits, but I stopped doing that. I could not figure it out after religiously following skin care advice. I felt like a failure and that there wasn’t any hope for me.

That Was Until…

I started reading about diets that were low carb and grain free to avoid bringing havoc on your blood sugar. Family members started trying it and they felt better. To begin with, I didn’t do it for my acne, but for other aspects of my health. Speaking of which, I consumed far too much sugar for my own good – I have a massive sweet tooth problem that I’ve been trying to deal with for years. I started avoiding eggs because of my sensitivity to them, and the unpleasant side effects that follow after eating eggs. I wasn’t constantly buying new facial treatments at the time, only washing my face with clean water.

As a Result…

My face, chest, and back started to clear up. I didn’t know why at first. I thought, “Wow, that’s weird. I’m not using an expensive facial treatment. I’m not doing anything different to my face.” Then I began to wonder. I shrugged it off and assumed that I finally “outgrew” my acne. I couldn’t believe I had clear skin again. When the issues weren’t coming back I wondered why. My new, healthier eating habits slipped during the holidays. That is when the acne started to come back. Not only did I have acne on my face, but also my chest and back again. It wasn’t long that I started to link this to my diet. My diet was the only explanation I had so I followed it.

Your Skin is a Door to Your Health

Not sure how many people heard of healthy eating habits getting rid of acne. I sure hadn’t! Spending my high school and some of my college years trying to figure out how to cure the acne plague, I wish I would have known this earlier. If I could have connected my eating habits to my acne would have helped tremendously! I always wondered why my friends could eat the same foods and not break out. When you have skin issues, there is often a problem lying deeper inside your immune system.

Some Things That May Help

If you are in my shoes, you may want to get a food allergy panel done by the doctor. It is possible that you have a food insensitivity and not even know it. An elimination diet may be able to help pin point which foods you have a sensitivity to. Avoid major allergens one at a time starting with wheat/gluten. Move on to other common food allergens such as soy, eggs, milk, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, etc. Avoid sugar and highly processed foods. Get tested for vitamin deficiencies that may be harming your health. If you are using commercial cosmetics, consider looking for more natural alternatives. Use organic “With the Mother” Apple Cider Vinegar once a day on your face. Before taking any supplements or dramatically changing your health regimen, consult your physician, for I am not a licensed medical doctor.


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