Meet These Two Silly Cats of Mine


My two silly cats, Mama (left) and Kitten (right). I figured I would give these two little fur balls a post of their own. Their journey with our family starts a short while after my husband and I married. I am not sure exactly why I thought it was a brilliant idea right after getting married to get a pet. Maybe since my parents had a cat at the time, it was a transition from having a semi-loving fur ball around the house to none at all. Perhaps it was that I simply love animals, or wanted a pet to keep me company while my husband went to work. My husband didn’t mind if I had a cat or two around, although he’s more of a dog whisperer to be honest.

We went to a couple of animal shelters, and in the first one we went to there were kittens with their mama. They were too young to be given away and they stole my heart! We would need to wait a few weeks until they were adoptable, and they handed us the paperwork that would need to be signed. There were two other girls in there, maybe it was their parent that was working that day, but because we wanted a kitten they gave us these super dirty looks because they wanted their picks. It was okay with their mother if they didn’t get adopted after they were available for adoption. We figured we would check out another animal shelter first.

At the second animal shelter, we were shown to the cat area and saw plenty of older cats. There were a few kittens on the side. Most of the kittens were already adopted. The kittens were in a metal crate stacked on top of other metal cages, and we looked below. The cage on the floor had two tortie’s. One cat was a tiny kitten with large ears trying to nurse off of her mama. It said on the crate that the mama cat was a one year old cat and her kitten was three months. The older cat could not stand up completely in the cramped cage. We asked about the gorgeous tortie’s. We were told, “Oh! That’s Mama and Kitten! You can take them in the cat playroom to see if they are a good fit for you if you would like.”

My husband held Mama and I took Kitten into the playroom. Mama cat hid in the cat tunnel before running back and forth inside of it. Kitten wasn’t interested in interaction at all and continued to run and hide from us. When we were about to take the cats back to their cage, Kitten took a leap from my arms and got her leg caught between the door and the handle before falling. Thankfully, her little legs were unharmed.

[Top: Mama; Bottom: Kitten]

We decided to adopt them and were told they planned on adopting them out together because of how close they were. Their history is unknown as there wasn’t information the shelter was able to tell us. These silly cats were right for us, and my husband and I adopted them. They charged us one adoption fee instead of two, which was nice. I feel that they were finally glad these cats would have a good home. Once the paperwork was signed they told us the date we could pick them up from a veterinary clinic. It was routine for them to send them to the vet at no charge to us and have them fixed and up to date on shots.

When the day finally came to pick up our cats, we were excited to bring them home. We bought the cat essentials and were ready to be cat owners. The paperwork was signed to discharge them and we brought them home. My husband took Mama cat out of her carrier and I took Kitten out of hers. I did not think it would be exhausting for them to adjust to our home. We were a quiet, animal loving, newly wed couple – what could be so difficult, right? Wrong!

We tried to rename them Jade and Saphira because those names are beautiful like they are. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. They were called Mama and Kitten so long that is what they responded to. As a result, that is what we call them and it sticks. When some people ask us, “What are your cats names?” and they hear, “Mama and Kitten,” they give us this face like, “You horrible people! You didn’t even give them proper names!” It usually warrants an explanation whether it’s with guests or at the vet’s office.

Both of them weren’t feeling their best because they had been fixed. We were giving them painkillers twice a day for the first three days. Getting a cat to take liquid pain killers through a syringe will get you a few scratches. I don’t know if the cats were happy to have room to run around or if they were hallucinating because they were bolting through the house. Kitten tried to scale halfway up walls and Mama cat was running back and forth. The vet told us, “Don’t let them jump on anything, or run, or climb because of their stitches,” but how on earth do you possibly keep two cats that meow incessantly without each other from jumping, climbing, or running? Really? They’re cats! Needless to say, their stitches healed wonderfully and they are healthy cats.


The hardest thing was that Kitten was still trying to nurse off of Mama, but we don’t know if she was even getting any milk or if that was her comfort. We tried to separate them, especially since Mama cat didn’t want to be nursed after being fixed (and I don’t blame her!). We tried to separate them, but they would yowl to each other through the door. After a point, Kitten did stop trying to nurse from Mama. Kitten was sneaky, she would try to nurse off of her Mama when she was sleeping. Mama cat would start sleeping in positions Kitten couldn’t get to her, or in a box. She also swatted Kitten if she caught her nursing off of her. My husband and I let that play out and Kitten eats her cat food.

At nights, the cats were awake and dashing around the house. My husband and I weren’t getting much sleep for a while. Over time with some patience, the cats started to sleep at night when we did and they do to this day. If they wake up in the night, they aren’t loud. They are up the second the sun rises, and are bursting with energy. Once awake they eat, use their litter box, run around, and go back to sleep for the afternoon. Settling in with us took time, but they are well settled in our home. Later on, we actually found out that Mama and Kitten are older than previously believed. Mama cat is getting older, at about eight years old and Kitten at about five.

I remember growing up and we did have a cat that didn’t meow much. I thought, “It would be so cool to have a cat that meows a lot!” Unfortunately, I got my wish. Watch what you ask for! Kitten is a meow machine! There are times she won’t stop meowing at night that we’re trying to figure out, but with some attention she tends to remain silent. Kitten only likes me and runs away from anyone else. It takes her an awful long time to get used to a new person coming over to the house. She will hide the entire time someone is over unless she is used to them. At that point, she will keep her distance and give those creepy cat stares.


It makes us laugh when they chase each other around the house. We need not worry about them getting bored if we decide to go out for the afternoon because they have each other. These two cats follow each other around the house, groom each other, chase each other, and play fight. They cuddle up next to each other to sleep, especially in the winter. There are times when Mama cat hides and probably wants to be left alone and her Kitten wanders around looking for her and meowing helplessly because she can’t find her Mama. In fact, if her Mama cat is accidentally shut in a room or a closet, she starts meowing until we let her out. Same goes for the other way around. I’ve never seen cats look out for each other so much. It sure is adorable to see.

Mama cat looks out for my husband, and we laugh about it quite a lot. In some ways it’s even creepy. One morning, my husband was nearly late for work because he couldn’t find his keys. Mama cat was laying on them. When my husband rushed for the door she sat in front of the door, refusing to move. If he picked her up, she ran right back. My husband opened the front door of the house and a car rushed by and ran into our yard, almost hitting our car. If my husband were backing out of the driveway when that car came by, he may not be here today. We aren’t sure if Mama heard the car from a distance, but it saved my husband’s life.

I can’t say how many dangerous spiders or bugs our cats have killed before they could hurt us. These cats have blessed us in so many ways, and we’re glad that we can have them around. We have so much we can learn from them, and it’s nice to have living pest control, too. Mama and Kitten definitely look out for us and we look out for them. Our family is a happier one with two silly cats roaming around.

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